Some personal projects from past and present.

Orbits: the Sandbox

Orbits: The Sandbox

A fun N-Body space simulation for all ages.

Solar System

A model of our Solar System written in in GLSL for OpenGL and C++ using real textures and data provided by NASA.


Mobile Virtual Reality App designed to promote use of VR through gamers and non gamers alike. Exploring potential for early detection of Dementia/Alzheimer’s.

Cyborg Warriors Vs Alien Vampiers

A Edinburgh Global Game Jam 2018 Game. Control a group of Cyborg Space marines on a raid of an Alien Vampire hideout from the comfort of your terminal.

Adventures of the Fistman

Glasgow University 2017 Games Jam 3rd place winner. A Platformer with unique mechanics and a humorous style.

Augmented Reality Mirror

ARM aims to revolutionalise clothing retail through augmented reality technology.

Some Interests

A few of my current interests.

VirtualAndAugmentedReality( )

/*Virtual and Augmented Reality has vast potential outside of the realm of entertainment. Health, therapy, circumstantial empathy, education, retail and the internet could all be vastly affected by virtual and augmented realities. Companies could create webscapes at minimal costs to replace physical shops. Training could be carried out minus vast expense. News reporting could transform into immersive and insightful experiences. VR holds the potential for a new renaissance.*/

GameDevelopment( )

/*Game Development allows the creation of worlds, bringing together all creative fields into a single unique reality. It allows boundless expression, with the confines of what defines a game being constantly tested and broken. Games provide a medium for the creation of unique individual experiences. Game development brings together people from all fields, when worlds are being created, the interaction and collaboration between people can produce unique and wonderful results.*/

Simulations( )

/*From a love of Physics, Maths and Space at a young age sparked a love for simulations. With ever advancing and evolving technology and thinking comes new capabilties of computers to simulate reality, and surreality.*/